How our services might help your organisation or business?

  • You need more funding, where do you go?
  • You don’t have the time to research and write bids.
  • You don’t have the expertise in your organisation to research and write bids.
  • You are worried if you get project funding, how will you manage the reporting?
  • You need to collate market research but don’t know how to go about it.
  • You want to grow your organisation but how?
  • You have lots of ideas but you need a grant writer to help.

If any of these statements apply to you – then call Fund Links so we can help you resolve your grant writing problem.

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So what can we help you with?

If you need more funding but don’t know where to go

If you want to grow your organisation but don’t know how

If you don’t have the time or expertise to write or edit a bid/grant

Our bespoke starter funding service offers you help to

  • Source the Best Funding Opportunities for your organisation
  • Develop your business idea into ‘Funding Speak’
  • Make sure you have all the correct policies and procedures in place that are required by the funder
  • Advise you in plain English what the funder wants so you have the best chance of success
  • Make sure you have Evidence of Need – always a requirement with funders.

Our bespoke future funding service offers you help to

  • Develop a Funding Strategy so you have a sustainable plan for the future
  • Prepare a ‘Funding Matrix’ to see where your funding comes from and ensures it is an evenly balanced portfolio
  • Prepare for telephone interviews and presentations so you know what questions you may be asked

Our bespoke bid development service can help you to

  • Ensure you know what the funder requires
  • Write the bid in the best way to increase chances of success
  • Edit/ proof read your proposals
  • Prepare financials
  • Submit the tender, ensuring all enclosures are included
  • Evaluate and monitor requirements
  • Provide a bid summary so you know exactly what you are required to deliver and when